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Q1: What's the difference between Ecohomeboard and traditional MDF and Particleboard?


a. The material is different, ecohomeboard is made of agri-fibre such as rice and wheat straw. MDF is made of the adhesive. Traditional MDF and particleboard is made as the wood basis with urea formaldehyde resin.
b. The fiber morphology is different. The ecohomeboard fiber is between MDF and particleboard. The surface of ecohomeboard is as smooth as MDF, and the core of ecohomeboard is more like particleboard.
c. Ecohomeboard, with good fire-proof and water proof performance, without adding any fire/water proof retardant in it, it is decided by the material self.It including a lot of silica, which is important material for making fire and water proof retardant.


Q2: Why Dose ecohomeboard  Have No Formaldehyde Release?

The ecohomeboard used as the principal raw material of Eco-board are deprived of strong toughness fiber in plant stems. As a result, our Eco-board has both the advantages of the wood particle board and the medium density fiberboard (MDF) making it the ideal upgrade product for traditional wood-based panel.

Q3: What is the our production capacity and advantage?

Guangzhou TEEHOME Decorative Materials Company, is a synthesizing type of enterprise specialized in researching and developing, producing and selling formaldehyde free furniture board, melamine faced board as well as mating materials of house.

In order to be an artificial board brand with profound public influence within 3 years, our company is committed to building up a functional network covering production, logistics, storage, sales channels nationwide and a market-oriented export system overseas. 

Unique of technology

 German production machinery. Decorative panel design in Italy.

   Company currently has domestic unique to Germany mayer latest innovations in double diamond roller wood chip screening system and high speed of MACRO/MICRO shaving preparation technology, can according to the size of wood chip of the filtered, respectively, 

in the big wood to the MACRO shaving machine, small wood to MICRO flaking machine, making the different forms of high quality wood shavings.

Continuous press (and other domestic particleboard production line still use a single variety 

of flaking machine equipment, not subdividing shavings form, optimizing)

Germany mayer company

   Teehome company new product line has increased 24 production lines in the system to fully remove the metal, non-metallic inclusion in the shavings, sand, stone, impurities such as dust, dirt, and unqualified shavings, etc., to protect the purity of shavings, can reduce in furniture manufacturing process the wastage of the saw blade, cutting tool and so on, so as to reduce the production cost of furniture manufacturers.In this way can we guarantee the high quality wood shavings used in the production of particleboard, can stable physical performance indicators of particleboard products.


   Under the special Teehome company has industry-leading dust removal technology and the equipment:
A. was installed in the light of hot flue gas heat center out six heat efficient cyclone device, remove the sand in the flue gas, dust, ash, etc., keep dry using the hot flue gas purity, no noise;
B. core, surface wind separator separation of core surface shavings (other factory for saving the cost of equipment is not equipped with the device or only equipped with the core layer separation), cut out the core surface of the metal shavings, unqualified glass, sand, wood shavings, and heavy woodiness material (such as tree, tree tumor), etc.

industry-leading dust removal technology and the equipment. 

   Teehome company slab of pavement system adopts the whole Asia first difen Bach's latest generation of multi-head combination (surface airflow diamond roll cage), core layer surfacing technology, makes the weight of the slab density distribution more uniform, the surface is exquisite.
   Teehome company has the domestic only with the thickness of the compensation device of Bach extrusion system, Stevens makes produced not sand plate thickness deviation smaller and more uniform, stronger resistance to deformation ability.
  Teehome company adopts the world's top brand of Swiss steinemamn newest 8 sand heavy sanding machine, the machining accuracy of + / - 0.060 mm, its unique abrasive belt offset 5 degrees of technology application to reduce or eliminate the horizontal and vertical sand marks.
  dryer by using the method of blanking box makes shaving shaving shape in the drying process is not damaged.

Asia's first difen Bach's latest generation

 Teehome company owns all of Asia's first surface air diamond roller surfacing technology and equipment to produce flakeboard structure is more uniform, more stable mechanical properties, the panel will not generate flow vortex spot, can meet the needs of the high demand of cover.
 Teehome company has the latest generation of Bach's newest Stevens continuous press, equipped with the thickness of the compensation device, ensure the large-format thickness and thickness can be realized more regulation, to ensure the production of plate thickness control.

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