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  • 17-01-09

    FAQ about our company
    FAQ about our company
    Q1: What's the difference between Ecohomeboard and traditional MDF and Particleboard?   a. The material is different, ecohomeboard is made of agri-fibre such as rice and wheat straw. MDF is made of the adhesive. Traditional MDF and particleboard is made as the wood basis with urea formaldehyde resin. b. The fiber morphology is different. The ecohomeboard fiber is between MDF and particleboard. The surface of ecohomeboard is as smooth as MDF, and the core of ecohomeboard is more like particleboard. c. Ecohomeboard, with good fire-proof and water proof performance, without adding any fire/water proof retardant in it, it is decided by the material self.It including a lot of silica, which is important material for making fire and water proof retardant.   Q2: Why Dose ecohomeboard  Have No Formaldehyde Release? The ecohomeboard used as the principal raw material of Eco-board are deprived of strong toughness fiber in plant stems. As a result, our Eco-board has both the advantages of the wood particle board and the medium density fiberboard (MDF) making it the ideal upgrade product for traditional wood-based panel. Q3: What is the our production capacity and advantage? Guangzhou TEEHOME Decorative Materials Company, is a synthesizing type of enterprise specialized in researching and developing, producing and selling formaldehyde free furniture board, melamine faced board as well as mating materials of house. In order to be an artificial board brand with profound public influence within 3 years, our company is committed to building up a functional network covering production, logistics, storage, sales channels nationwide and a market-oriented export system overseas. 

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