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  • osb door
    OSB Door

    Melamine panels (fireproof board) manufacturing wooden door looks strong With color or wood skin itself is fragile, after soaking in the transparent resin film formed by the leather is much hard, this kind of film leather and base material has good performance after hot pressing into an organic whole, made of it don't need to paint on the wooden door, naturally formed a protective film, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to hot and pollution.  

  • 100% logs man-made sheet engineering structure OSB board
    OSB/Oriented Strand Board

       Oriented Strand Board, with 100 ﹪ of logs as raw material, using a specially designed tool to cut these wood logs into specific size, wood chip to control under computer quantitative and durability of thermosetting resin, and after directional pavement layer production, in the end, the multilayer structure sheet take shape by the high temperature and hot pressing. Because it is composed of many wood cross shaped the overlying layers together, so has the very high intensity. In North America, Europe and Japan, OSB is acknowledged as the fast development, one of the most vitality and mature technology of a kind of man-made sheet engineering structure.

  • ecological new kind of man-made plank
    Straw Board/ Straw Pulp

      Straw board is a new kind of man-made plank of ecological, environmental protection, crop straw broken material as the main raw material, does low contain the formaldehyde in full pu ecological glue to glue the national advanced patent technology development. Straw board, the main raw material, MDI adhesive and functional additive, which is produced by high temperature and high pressure, it not only solid, level off is smooth, uniform symmetric structure, board face has good dimensional stability, high strength, environmental protection, flame retardant and weather resistance is good wait for a characteristic, also has the excellent processing performance and surface decoration performance, suitable for various surface decoration processing and mechanical processing, especially the abnormity edge processing. Compared with particle board has obvious advantages.


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