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OSB/Oriented Strand Board
   Oriented Strand Board, with 100 ﹪ of logs as raw material, using a specially designed tool to cut these wood logs into specific size, wood chip to control under computer quantitative and durability of thermosetting resin, and after directional pavement layer production, in the end, the multilayer structure sheet take shape by the high temperature and hot pressing. Because it is composed of many wood cross shaped the overlying layers together, so has the very high intensity. In North America, Europe and Japan, OSB is acknowledged as the fast development, one of the most vitality and mature technology of a kind of man-made sheet engineering structure.

  • Payment: T/T
  • Product Origin: China
  • Color: White, Black, Walnute, Cherry, Beech, etc.
  • Lead Time: 10-15 Days

Specification of Oriented Strand Board/OSB Board
Release amount of formaldehyde:E0≤0.5mg/L,E1≤1.5mg/L,E2≤5.0mg/L.
Colors :White, Black, Walnute, Cherry, Beech, etc.
Finish : Matt, Embossed, Textured, Glossy
MOQ: 20ft container
Delivery:10-15 Days
Usage Furniture: wardrobe, cupboard, cabinet, office furniture, modern furniture, toilet partition, etc.
log - skin - plane skin - drying - filter - sizing - shop - hot - plate processing.
log - skin - plane skin - drying - filter - sizing - shop - hot - plate processing.

The quality characteristics:

1.healthy environmental protection, formaldehyde release a quantity to nearly zero, wood with fresh scent
2. good strength, good stability and the ability that grasp a hammer, not contorts, won't crack easily
3.unique structure, plasticity is very strong, could cut and also be directly painted
4.no gap, scarring, density, thickness and intensity of uniform
5.no bug eat by moth, used for packing, without fumigation, export exempted from inspection
6. high efficiency, no waste, heat insulation, sound-absorbing function
7. the moisture content of 9 + 4 ﹪, also has the waterproof, moistureproof performance
 the moisture content of 9 + 4 ﹪, also has the waterproof, moistureproof performance

The multiple usage of OSB Board:

Directional structure board is a new type of decorative plates, the board that is currently the most rapid development worldwide.

OSB / 1 timber for construction and decoration, it is both strong and beautiful, has the many advantages of extraordinary, is the best choice in the construction and decoration materials.

OSB / 2 as support in the dry environment, under the condition of damp threat can be a ceiling economy, such as floor, packing boxes, drawer negatives, interior decoration, exhibition construction, etc.

OSB / 3 as support in the damp environment, in the presence of the threat of damp environment can be used as usually of wood, but it due to the nature of resistance moisture infiltration to maintain the quality of a material is solid, suit to use scope includes floor, packing boxes, expo construction, decoration construction, roof attic ceiling, wall {TodayHot} wall surface and so on.

OSB / 4 as used in wet or humid under the high strength support, belonging to the highest quality of wood, structure and construction suitable for use in all fields. Such as beams, bracket, bearing, roof board, wall board, reinforced concrete template and so on.

Range of application:

1.Decoration industry: mainly used in government building projects and home use, is MDF (medium density board), joinery board, plywood, the upgrading of products.

2.Packaging industry: it is the best material for aseptic export packing, fumigation-free, moisture, pressure and impact resistance.
3.Furniture industry: because the reorganization of the wooden structure has hosted and size stability, excellent processing performance, suitable for making furniture, after OSB surface cover (single), can be used in furniture manufacturing with board, drawer bottom plate, box, box, cabinet plate, floor plate, bed board, etc.

4.Construction: used for indoor and outdoor structure materials and decoration materials, the concrete molding templates, walls and roof; H beam; And shear wall of light steel structure, especially suitable for used as wooden walls, roof, floor and floor base material.

5.Flooring industry: real wood floor and keel plate, solid mu fu joins a floor board base material, instead of density board, joinery board, plywood, its has moistureproof function, stable performance, deformation.


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