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  • Standard Plywood Sheet Size

    Plywood is criss-cross arrangement , surface use high-quality wood veneer wood science and technology for the materials, made of cold pressing , hot pressing, sanding, health and other several procedures made . Plywood is not easy out of shape and excellent performance and good adjusting indoor temperature and humidity , the surface layer of wood veneer and leather material has a natural feel and texture of real wood , all more selective . Thus , much pro-consumer gaze . Plywood has good structural stability , not easy out of shape, hard is criss- cross arrangement high temperature and pressure , from the settlement of internal stress deformation defects wood board. It is use of home-made in the production process of high-quality green plastic , formaldehyde limited release products meet the national standards ,environment.

  • ecological new kind of man-made plank
    Straw Board/ Straw Pulp

      Straw board is a new kind of man-made plank of ecological, environmental protection, crop straw broken material as the main raw material, does low contain the formaldehyde in full pu ecological glue to glue the national advanced patent technology development. Straw board, the main raw material, MDI adhesive and functional additive, which is produced by high temperature and high pressure, it not only solid, level off is smooth, uniform symmetric structure, board face has good dimensional stability, high strength, environmental protection, flame retardant and weather resistance is good wait for a characteristic, also has the excellent processing performance and surface decoration performance, suitable for various surface decoration processing and mechanical processing, especially the abnormity edge processing. Compared with particle board has obvious advantages.

  • Eco-friendly Moistureproof Board made by Teehome
    Moistureproof Board

    TEEHOME moistureproof particleboard   Along the way, TEEHOME moistureproof particleboard, optimization and innovation to upgrade continuously, also gradually to the parameters of high moisture customized development, can provide customers with different quality, different volume performance index requirements, wide thickness individualized demands, formaldehyde capacity limits, and so on comprehensive parameter customization of particleboard products.


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