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  • Eco-friendly Plywood Door made by Teehome
    Plywood Door

    Melamine panels (fireproof board) manufacturing wooden door looks strong With color or wood skin itself is fragile, after soaking in the transparent resin film formed by the leather is much hard, this kind of film leather and base material has good performance after hot pressing into an organic whole, made of it don't need to paint on the wooden door, naturally formed a protective film, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to hot and pollution.

  • Standard Plywood Sheet Size

    Plywood is criss-cross arrangement , surface use high-quality wood veneer wood science and technology for the materials, made of cold pressing , hot pressing, sanding, health and other several procedures made . Plywood is not easy out of shape and excellent performance and good adjusting indoor temperature and humidity , the surface layer of wood veneer and leather material has a natural feel and texture of real wood , all more selective . Thus , much pro-consumer gaze . Plywood has good structural stability , not easy out of shape, hard is criss- cross arrangement high temperature and pressure , from the settlement of internal stress deformation defects wood board. It is use of home-made in the production process of high-quality green plastic , formaldehyde limited release products meet the national standards ,environment.


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