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Refractory Slab


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Refractory Slab
Door leaf panel USES high density fiberboard, high grade environmental protection is used to replace the paint of Melamine (refractory adornment layer), and by 280 degrees high temperature 20 tons weight nicely.

  • Payment: T/T
  • Product Origin: China
  • Color: White Black Walnute Cherry Beech etc
  • Lead Time: 10-15 Days

refractory slab


Thickness: 150.

Colors :White, Black, Walnute, Cherry, Beech, etc.


Delivery:10-15 Days

Usage Furniture: wardrobe, cupboard, cabinet, office furniture, modern furniture, toilet partition, etc.

Melamine panels (fireproof board) is a new type of modern materials of environmental protection, with it's widely used in the wardrobe, cabinets, office furniture, and other fields, reflects the advantage of the following:

(1)Material environmental protection: advanced thermal permeation technology, with no need to brush the glue, effectively refuse harmful substances, the environmental effect is absolutely guaranteed.

(2) the scale effect: from materials to processing have been realize large-scale production, a wide range of applications for each raw material stage full scale, lower manufacturing costs.


(3) standardized mode of production: production index standardization makes the product stable, solid, the surface more smooth and more perfect, let the burr spot defects such as never existed.


(4) environmental protection production line: new phenomenon production no longer has a pungent smell of paint shop, there will be no grey head grey brain grinding workers, there is no risk type of work, paint spraying workers.

The real society, the state, the customer, the employee creates the environmental health environment.


refractory slab


Melamine panels

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