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TEEHOME Model Room

Brief introduction:
TEEHOME group, founded in 2002, is a mainly man-made board finishes processing production, environmental protection act the role of face plate and meticulously household space form a complete set of materials research and development production and marketing as one of professional enterprises.By 2016, theTEEHOME group has: guangzhou TEEHOME board industry co., LTD., guangzhou day decoration materials co., LTD., guangzhou auspicious star board industry technology co., LTD., guangzhou Hao beautiful household space decoration materials co., LTD., foshan TEEHOME five companies such as home decoration co., LTD.
Model room TEEHOME group
At present, the group owns 10 automatic professional melamine plate production lines, 32 semi-automatic production lines.Professional production profile cover line 8;A production line of 8 bam pur, Spain;One of the three dimensional heavy processing centers in Taiwan;1. High-end spline production line;1 PVC flat paste production line;1 production line of vacuum moulding board;One of the domestic hetero-type processing centers, the annual output of melamine decoration panels is more than 70 million square meters.The products sell well in south China, east China, central China, north and southwest China, and exported to southeast Asia, and European and American countries.
TEEHOME group Model room
  Main products are: melamine veneer man-made structure without aldehyde solid wood (pine board) board, grain fragrant board, solid wood composite board, density fiber board, joinery board, wood particle board and supporting materials, household on household industry first is given priority to with environmental protection material manufacturer "" green space.At present, tianxiang group is one of the largest annual production of melamine products in China.
 TEEHOME group Model room
Brand planning:
  TEEHOME group in line with "advanced, health, environmental protection" is the management idea, with "integrity, professional, and technology" for the purpose of the service, after years of unremitting efforts, has now developed into a superb design, professional manufacture and perfect after-sales service as one of the modern enterprise.Company to "green space" and "+" national standard of quality standards, bend force makes the sheet "good Chinese" the brand image, more than by quality, rich and household whole category of form a complete set of design and color of the material, satisfies the requirement of the general customers the high level of household, and cooperation at home and abroad with the brand and the user's trust and praise, drive the brand word of mouth.At one time, I was invited to participate in the "CCTV influence dialogues" and became a promotional product of CCTV.
TEEHOME group Model room
  TEEHOME group will drive the growth of plank industry technology innovation, contribute to the country's energy conservation and emissions reduction, for thousands of people can have a green, health, environmental protection of the environment that occupy the home and take on corporate social responsibility.
TEEHOME group Model room
Market expansion:
  TEEHOME group with 14 years adhere to the quality, for the industry recognition and the glory of the sheet "good Chinese", numerous famous traditional furniture brands (e.g. health, Hong Kong's beauty, etc.), custom furniture brand (such as shang pin home delivery, European cabinets, etc.), office furniture brand (such as belle, viewsonic, etc.) and hotel furniture brands have become partners of days in hunan, almost covers all kinds of furniture industry top 10 brands.
TEEHOME group Model room
Day in 2016, hunan will end "in the terminal building materials can not see good TEEHOME plate" the history of comprehensive in terminal market, let the owners buy from plate to form a complete set of household materials of a full range of high quality material "" green space, and with complete sets of landing field support programs, lead the end to show the owner complete China good quality and service, make" green space "be born to the family!
 TEEHOME group Model room
Corporate honors:
A responsible enterprise will win the respect of society;
A quality enterprise will win the respect of the industry.
Day 14 years, TEEHOME group gained sheet "China top ten brand", "China science and technology innovation enterprise", "Chinese famous quality products", "Chinese famous brand", "top ten famous quality products", "choice of green environmental protection product", "honest and trustworthy unit", "excellent supplier", "scientific progress" and "the national association of home standing committee of the unit" such as honor and title.
TEEHOME group Model room

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