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Are the prices of the Teehome 's products high?
The price of products depending on a number of factors, including the fixed costs, raw materials, and more. And the pricing policy is "Not Being the Cheapest, Being the Best". We never get into a pricing war with competitors. Instead, we offer Guangzhou Teehome Board CO.,Ltd. better than theirs. We know we're not the cheapest option in the market, but we make up for that by providing our clients with once in a lifetime experiences and providing them with the best products.

Teehome as a white melamine board brand, it enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. Teehome Board's melamine board is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Teehome marine plywood price is made of semiconductor materials that are selected from qualified and certified suppliers. These materials such as GaAs, GaP, and GaAsP go through rigorous screening before production. The product has excellent processing performance, especially the abnormity edge processing. Teehome Board is dedicated to serving customers with its experienced management team. The product has been sold to many famous brands, including Kolanl, ZONE, ROFFEL, WAYES, and Aves.

Teehome Board sticks to the principles of first-class quality, efficient development, and enthusiastic service. Inquire now!
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