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costco baby furniture?

by:Teehome     2020-02-29
Hey guys, sorry, I have a short question.
My husband and I were in Costco yesterday and they prepared a crib and change desk for $600.
It\'s usually $1200. 00.
We didn\'t buy it yesterday, but we want to go back to buy it tomorrow because that\'s exactly what I want: |48022|48047|
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Cat48047 & topnav = The only problem I have is that I can\'t find any comments at all about this company or costco furniture.
Has anyone bought furniture from costco?
If so, what do you think?
If link doesn\'t work, it\'s the Devon 2 set on Costco.
Thank you so much-Jeremy 29Me-
Karlie 25 is a girl! ! ! !
Brooklyn Irene was born 7/20/11 good! ! !
I bought furniture and stuff from costco. no complaints!
They also have good prices on really good quality things!
These 2 pieces look very beautiful and this is a very good price! !
Baby crib alone $700
Another store 800Mr. Sincere (2009)ASD, SPDMr. Silly (2011)
Thank you very much for your feedback.
This is our first child and we are trying to get the best for our little peanuts without breaking the bankJeremy 29Me-
Karlie 25 is a girl! ! ! !
Brooklyn Irene Byrne 7/20/11 there is also a good return policy for Costco if you are not satisfied.
But everyone I know loves their Costco furniture!
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When it comes to a fixed double sided crib, it actually depends on what style you like.
If they have a floor model, you should be able to shake it and see how strong it is and how high and low the mattress is.
See what it feels like to lean over and put the baby or something like that into the crib and pull it out again.
If you think it is strong and you like it very much, then it may be a good choice. As a PP (Front poster)
Costco notes that it has a good return policy if you don\'t like it. -
TheresaSAHM is (Oct 2009), T (Aug 2011), L (Dec 2013)and V (Dec 2016)
I purchased all my furniture from Costco because of the high quality!
Anyway, I have delt in the purchasing office of Costco and a lot of people, and the company is very strict with the quality of the products, mainly because of their return policy.
Before Costso invests, it has to be tested on a large scale.
If you buy online, the shipping cost is included in the price, if your admin member, you will earn 2% cash on costace and all the items you buy in Costco (
Diapers, milk, cosmetics, wipes, etc)
Also, if you do not like the crib, you are very welcome to return it at any Costco location no matter after three years.
They will give you a full refund! ! !
If it\'s more than a few years, they \"may\" give you a store credit or something similar to what you buy, no matter what else you get.
It\'s all for me now! ! ! !
Just call me SHAY!
My husband worked in Costco and he told me about it as soon as they entered the door.
From what I \'ve seen, it\'s a great bed and it\'s really beautiful and I\'ll only consider the convertible crib.
The return policy is also great there if you don\'t like it, but we never returned it from there. Enjoy!
Edit: After reviewing again, I realized that this is different from what they currently have in our Costco.
What I see is the kids in the cafe and it looks like this one you linked to, but the price is about $360 and The Dresser/change is about $350.
My husband also works in Costco and their furniture is fantastic!
We bought a dresser from them for our son and it will last forever!
This is not a cheap plywood or a compression plate on the side. . .
It is solid wood and medium fiber board. . . SOLID! ! !
Also, as others have said, their return policy is very bad! Married to G 5. 14. 05 B 3. 23. 07 (33weeks)C 6. 29. 09. (35 weeks)C 8. 19.
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Most of the time, Costco will make a model specifically for them so that you can\'t find comments on other websites.
This is often the case with televisions and other electrical equipment.
You can go to the manufacturer\'s website to find the latest model or just rely on the comments from Costco. com.
Members of Costco do not sugar in the comments. Hope to help. (
I have been selling to Costco in food for over 10 years)
Yes, it\'s frustrating that I can\'t find any comments on this product on the costco website! Darn it! ! !
Oh well, I think we\'re going to get it tonight because there\'s only 4 left and they don\'t have orders. Sooooo. . . . .
Hope I like it! Also. . . . .
What happened to the little dots that pulled down in front of them?
Is there a security issue?
Or is this just a different type of crib? DH-Jeremy 29Me-
Karlie 25 is a girl! ! ! !
I think they stopped producing this type of crib because it was a safety issue.
This may explain why you never see them again.
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