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Teehome has never stopped expanding our global sales network. Due to the thoughtful and efficient service for domestic and foreign customers, we are increasingly popular in the Teehome market. We have gained more and more popularity in the market due to our thoughtful and effective support from our staff.

Guangzhou Teehome Board CO.,Ltd. is a dynamic and enthusiastic manufacturer focused on mdf melamine board. Teehome Board's melamine board is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Teehome mdf melamine board has a high-efficiency integrated circuit, which can provide the stable driving current for the LED bead and prevent it from damage. The surface of the product can be processed into a matte, glossy, embossed, or textured one. The product is not easily broken or cracked. The appropriate yarn twist increases the frictional resistance between the fibers and improves the fiber's resistance to breakage. The product has different finishes after aesthetically designed.

Teehome Board is born of love and has undergone decades of years of transformation and innovation in melamine board industry. Inquiry!
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