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How many pressure treated melamine plywood are produced by Teehome Board per month?
Thanks to the introduction of advanced machines, Guangzhou Teehome Board CO.,Ltd. is able to produce pressure treated plywood per month. As we have focusing on productivity enhancement for years, we are capable to make full of raw materials and promptly meet due time for orders. There may be some changes in the monthly output considering the actual demands from our customers and the maintenance of the production machine. Customers should be free from worry as we are a reliable manufacturer ready to process manufacturing on time.

Teehome Board is internationally considered to be an advanced melamine faced chipboard manufacturer. Teehome Board's melamine board is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. The inspection process of Teehome melamine board adopts the advanced optical equipment to guarantee its light uniformity and quality. The product is not easy to be out of shape. Teehome Board's service team always respect every customers. It is made from parts of recycled materials, leading to lesser damage to the forests.

Teehome has always attached great importance to marine plywood price, strictly abiding by the policy of marine plywood price. Contact us!
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