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how to build cabinets with drawers // diy desk storage

by:Teehome     2020-03-01
In this Instructure I teach you how to build a DIY base cabinet with drawers for tables, craft tables or tables.
You will also learn how to make drawers, Install drawer slides, and make cabinet skeletons.
This DIY base cabinet project with drawers is the second part of the epoxy Ocean glow TableI I built for my wife as a Mother\'s Day gift.
However, these DIY base cabinets can be used on any table that needs a table base with storage.
Since the Ocean glow watch is my wife\'s craft watch, I need to build a table base with drawers to store her cricket accessories.
So, I designed DIY base cabinets from scratch and started building soon after finishing the Ocean table.
3/4 \"plywood epoxy silicone mold for Mickey ear white luminous powder blue luminous powder cabinet drawer slide JigWood GlueGlue BotGlue application drill/drive combination market screw
25 \"Brad NailsAir compression retractable air compressor HoseCountersink at bitot hole drill bit clamp for cabinet assembly-
Fixture for drawer AssemblyPopsicle)
SticksWood router ro12sander220 sand dust proof ExtractorL Woodworking router table Saw1/month \"roundover bitCA glue torpedo LevelPocket hole JigPocket screw table TopTable SawChalk paint sheet align corner blocks, apply a line of glue on one edge of the \"front short\" block.
Apply glue with glue applicator or fingers.
To save time, I chose to apply the glue to all these pieces at once.
If you choose to do this, be sure to work quickly to avoid the glue drying too early.
Next, flip the \"front short\" section to the flat side facing the \"front long\" section.
The \"front Dragon\" should be upright as shown in the following figure.
Use Speed Square or L-
Square, quick 90-degree corner check.
After the fragments are aligned, fix them with 3 brad nails (
2 sides and middle).
Keep in mind that brad nails only need to nail two pieces together until the screws are used.
Next, take the 2 corners you just made and 1 \"side\" marked in the cut list \".
Then, place the corner on a flat surface and make sure that the \"front short\" part is laid flat and the \"front long\" part is vertical.
Apply the glue from the top to \"front short\" and 25 on each corner \".
After that, place a piece of \"side\" on the glue and fix it with a Brad nail.
As before, repeat the same process with guide holes, countersunk drill bits and pocket screws.
First, get one side from the previous step and place it vertically on a flat surface.
Next, place the glue at each end of the \"inner runner\" and place it on the side as shown in the following figure.
The Speed Square or L square is then used to ensure that the \"inner runner\" is perpendicular to the side.
Finally, fix the part using 2 brad nails and then install 2 screws in the guide hole.
First, apply the right amount of glue on the \"inside\" side.
This piece is supported from the bottom runner, so there is no need for a clip to secure it.
Next, fix this piece using brad nails.
Then drill a pilot hole in each corner (4)
Then the counter head and screws.
The easiest way to assemble the drawer is to start with the bottom, front and back.
First, place the bottom on a flat surface.
Next, apply glue on the front bottom and back bottom.
Then stand them up (
Bench dog or something like that helps)
And check the 90 degree angle.
Also, you may find it easier to put the L square at the bottom of the drawer and push it to the front/back when driving 3 brad nails in the middle and on both sides.
As before, punch the guide holes, sink them and drive them with 3 screws.
Then, turn the side of the drawer and apply glue along the bottom, front and back.
Put the drawer back on a flat surface, push the side blocks in place, check to see if it\'s a square, fix it with a Brad nail, and then fix it with a screw.
This DIY base cabinet with drawers comes with an embedded cabinet door, which means that the surface of the drawer will be flush with the face frame.
I cut the drawer down and cross my router with a circular object.
To match the Ocean table, I used the epoxy silicone mold for the sea creatures and Mickey Mouse ears.
Also, after the resin was poured in, I made most of it with excessive epoxy.
While these knobs are not the easiest to install, they certainly match the table well.
If you need more information about the epoxy project, please check out my epoxy casting, Epoxy Art tutorial and many epoxy form projects.
First, I fill the hole with wooden putty and let the hole dry according to the instructions.
Next, I polished it down with my track Sander and 220 sandpaper.
First I painted the entire cabinet skeleton and drawer surface with chalk and I mixed the chalk paint with the rest of Sherwin Williams satin paint (color SW7008).
I have a lot of experience in painting and I really don\'t like to do that, which is why chalk painting is the perfect solution for many of my projects.
All in all, the chalk paint is uniform, dry quickly, the surface is flat and covers more surface area with less paint.
By the way, I will email you for free.
Just visit my blog post here and fill out the form at the end of step 7 of the post.
First, find the center of the surface of the drawer.
Do this by measuring the length and dividing it by 2.
The measured width is then divided by 2.
The center of the drawer surface is where these lines intersect.
First, make sure the bottom drawer has a support, even with the bottom frame.
Next, I have to be creative about this step because I don\'t want to waste a piece of wood as the base cabinet holder for the bottom drawer.
In addition, one Pine Cypress remaining from previous projects, along with 2 paint sticks and 2 popsicles, is perfect for base support.
Each paint stick is thick and the popsicle is 1/16 thick.
Finally, I turned the sunken cypress 45 degrees so that it balanced the drawer when it was placed on it.
Next, I cut the length of the cabinet frame by 2 pieces of scrap plywood (18”)and 1.
The width of the drawer slide is 5 \".
Then, place the drawer slider on top of the waste plywood and make sure it is aligned/flush with the back of the \"cabinet frame.
Remember, this is an embedded cabinet, so it takes an inch on the surface of the drawer.
In addition, it is better to place the magnetic torpedo level on the top of the drawer slider to ensure the level.
Slide the drawer forward gently to show the holes on the back of the slide.
When fixing the slider in place from the back, drive 3 Cabinet screws in the provided holes.
Ultimately, as long as the hole spacing is appropriate, it doesn\'t matter what hole to use (
After, middle and front).
Finally, remove each piece of plywood.
First, place 2 paint sticks at the top of the bottom bracket, lift the drawer from the bottom \"as shown in the drawing at the beginning of this section.
Next, place the drawer on the top to make sure the paint stick supports the drawer evenly.
The drawer should be close to each drawer slide.
First, drill 2 pilot holes and counter sinks at the back of the front of the drawer.
Next, place 2 popsicles at the top of the 3 Bottom drawers and at the bottom of the top drawer.
Then, align the surface of the drawer so that it is flush with the popsicle, minus about a little bit (1/32”).
After that, drive 2 pocket screws to fix the drawer surface from the back.
Check to ensure drawer installation and adjustment if required.
First of all, I made two pocket holes for each cabinet base with my kreg pocket hole clamp and clip
One on the left and one on the right.
This prevents the table from moving or sliding.
Also, the pocket hole is perfect for this app as I may want to remove it in the future.
All in all, this DIY base cabinet project with drawers is very interesting.
I have learned a lot of new skills and this has always been my goal.
Also, don\'t forget to check out my ocean glow meter project as well as my other epoxy River glow meter project tutorials.
In addition, click the red button below to check out the DIY base cabinet with digital plan of drawer.
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