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how to fix a veneer plywood table

by:Teehome     2020-02-29
The veneer plywood table is light weight and beautifully textured, matching the hardwood floors on the legs and brackets.
This plywood is used throughout the construction industry to build cabinets, desks, wall panels and furniture.
It is resilient and will last a lifetime, but may need attention at some point.
The corners and edges of the paneling can be lifted, resulting in the separation of the small cover from the core, falling off or passing through the table.
Other problems with veneer plywood include scratches and scratches.
The tool knife wood glue clamp stain mark you need 180-
Coarse sand sandpaper masking tape wood putty crayon denim oil stain lemon oil tip before using stain marks, if it is necessary to imitate the grain, use a colored pencil to draw a line on a cut with a width of more than 1/8.
Warning not to bend the veneer. It can break.
Use enough pressure to lift it only without bending.
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