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how to replace a raised hearth with flat tiles

by:Teehome     2020-03-02
The raised fireplace in front of the fireplace can provide protection against Sparks or rolling logs, but in the process it cuts off your large floor space and creates a visual barrier, this may make the room look smaller.
Remove the raised fireplace and replace it with a flat panel to provide you with the required fire protection while keeping the ground space clear.
Brush Vacuum concrete mixing big bucket with chisel bitWheelbarrowBristle 2-by-
LevelRubber of month plankThinset mortarNotched trowelTilesCarpenter-
Headed malletPlace places thin plywood around the raised fireplace on the surrounding floor covering about 5 feet square meters in each direction.
Paste the plywood in place with masking tape to prevent them from moving.
During the furnace cylinder removal, these sheets will protect the rest of the floor from damage.
Wear safety goggles, particle masks and earplugs.
Attach the drill bit to the disassembly hammer.
Place the drill tip on the mortar line on the raised furnace cylinder.
Whether it\'s the material that forms the hearth, you need to go through the mortar as this is probably the weakest point.
Open the hammer and pass through the mortar line of the fireplace to clean up the space between the surface of the fireplace stone, brick or tile.
When you remove the mortar from the seam, align the chisel tip to the bottom of the furnace bottom covering material and pry the stone, brick or tile from the bottom core by cutting.
Remove the material layer at the top and you can see what the rest of the raised fireplace is made.
If the fireplace is the brick leading to the ground floor, continue to cut the mortar around each brick.
After removing the mortar, pry up the brick by cutting the brick down to the next floor.
Continue to clear the bricks layer by layer until you reach the bottom of the fireplace, the concrete of the room, or the wooden ground floor.
If the removal of the surface material reveals the concrete core, hammer through the solid concrete fireplace with demolition.
Work from one end of the fireplace to the other, break the concrete in sections until you reach the ground floor below the fireplace.
Drag all the pieces from the raised fireside with the trolley.
Brush the floor with a brush and vacuum any remaining debris.
Measure the height of the new tile.
If you want the new fireplace to level up with your floor, fill the space with concrete, minus the height of the tile.
According to the manufacturer\'s instructions, mix the concrete in a large bucket using a drill bit with a mud mixer head.
Mortar concrete level for one month-by 4-
Then let the concrete solidify overnight.
Mix a batch of thin mortar in a bucket.
Apply the thin sleeve to the concrete of the furnace cylinder hole with a notch spatula, then apply the edge of the notch to the thin sleeve to raise the ridge across the surface.
Place the tiles on the mortar.
Using the center of the fireplace as the center line of the tile surface, center the first tile aligned with the center of the fireplace, or use the center as the joint point between the first two tiles placed.
From there, fix the rest of the tiles in the appropriate position and stitch them together tightly to eliminate the need for grouting.
When you need to place a local tile, use the tile cutter to cut the tile at the end of the surface.
Place the level of the Carpenter on the surface of the tile to ensure that the tiles are flat with each other.
Use rubber to penetrate the raised tiles into the mortar
Raise the low tile by adding more mortar to the bottom of the tile.
Let the tiles dry overnight, then remove the plywood and masking tape.
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