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Is Teehome Board 's supply chain of product complete?
Guangzhou Teehome Board CO.,Ltd. has formed a complete supply chain up to now. This supply chain involves raw materials sourcing, design planning, manufacturing process, and goods shipment. It represents the steps taht it takes to get the finished products or services from us to customers. At every steps, it requires us to have professional technical supports from our employees and relevant skills demanded by the steps mentioned above. When a complete supply chain is conducted successfully, we can get a reduced cost and enhanced profitability. Moreover, customers can enjoy a satisfying experience and increased benefits from this.

Teehome Board is the main producer of mdf melamine board at home and abroad. Teehome Board's melamine faced chipboard is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. The encapsulation technology of Teehome mdf melamine board has been greatly improved, which provides sufficient protection of the chip to prevent the chip from being exposed to long-term exposure. The surface layer of wood veneer has a natural texture of real wood. It performs well in terms of hygroscopicity. During the material processing, the fabric was tested by desiccant or evaporation method, and the results showed that the moisture permeability in the fabric was good. The product comes with different thicknesses, ranging from 3mm to 30mm.

As a experienced enterprise, melamine faced chipboard serves as the foundation for our survival and development. Welcome to visit our factory!
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