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Melamine Faced Chipboard Price Laminated Chipboard

Melamine Faced Chipboard Price Laminated Chipboard
1220*2440mm(4'x8'), 1220*2745mm(4'x9'), 1525*2440mm(5'x8'), 1525*2745mm(5'x9'), 1830*2440mm(6'x8') , 1830*2745mm(6'x9')
20ft container
Payment Terms:
T/T 30% deposit and 70% balance before delivery
Delivery time:
Within 2-3 weeks upon down payment
Start Port:
Huangpu port/Yantian Port/Hongkong Port

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So, what exactly is a grass incense plate? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Straw board?

1, what is straw board? Straw board is from nature to crops such as rice and wheat stalks Stem as main raw materials, in order to completely does not contain formaldehyde isocyanate resin (MDI) as the main raw material of ecological cement, with national level advanced patent technology.
2, the advantages of straw board Robustness grass incense plate durable, bearing and resistance to deformation capacity of country particieboard standard, as man-made plank wood. Europe E0 grade standards, is currently the most environmentally friendly man-made plank. The radiation for the natural background levels; Detection with dryer method, and its formaldehyde release a quantity to zero; Is better than that of Japan standards and Europe E0 level standard.

Straw board using straw fiber raw material surface has a large number of natural wax layer, played a similar added paraffin in the Moistureproof Board agent moistureproof, waterproof function. Flame retardant in the straw fiber is rich in silicon dioxide, are natural fireproof material. Its combustibility can meet the requirements of GB8624 - B2. The use of fire prevention board series products, do not need to make any fire or processing Can be directly used in various public places. Encounters fire will only carbide and won't spread. With functions of sound insulation and sound absorption He xiang board for homogeneous porous materials, has the very good sound-absorbing properties Can. Environmental protection on the market of fiberboard and particleboard raw material is wood, the inside will be E0 class, E1 class, is mainly a bonding agent. Compared with traditional grain fragrant board, the glue does not contain any formaldehyde, harmless to the human body.

TEEHOME industry focus particleboard career twenty-five years, moistureproof particleboard throughout has been an indispensable important member as TEEHOME particleboard.Along the way, TEEHOME moistureproof particleboard, optimization and innovation to upgrade continuously, also gradually to the parameters of high moisture customized development, can provide customers with different quality, different volume performance index requirements, wide thickness individualized demands, formaldehyde capacity limits, and so on comprehensive parameter customization of particleboard products.

Shipping and packages

◆ 4x8 melamine high density particle board
◆ 18mm MDF Double Faced 4*8 Melamine With Synchronized Texture
◆ Synchronized MDF 4*9 / Italy Design Wavy MDF Board / 3D Melamine MDF for Kitchen Cabinets
◆ 18mm synchronized embossed melamine MDF panel
◆ 18MM Synchronized Melamine MDF with Texture Melamine Face Board
◆ High density First-Class MDF synchronized melamine board 18mm price
◆ Synchronized wood grain melamine MDF boards
◆ Laminated Mdf boards / Melamine Embossed Mdf /Synchronize Mdf Supplier in China
◆ Embossed Synchronized Melamine MDF with Various Colors
◆ Good quality 4*8 walnut design synchronized melamine MDF for furniture
◆ Double sided 12mm 15mm 18mm melamine faced MDF board / slot MDF/ waterproof MDF board
◆ Good quality E1 Synchronized melamine MDF with double sides
◆ 16mm 18mm Double Side White Laminated Melamine Mdf Board

Product parameters

Product Name:Melamine Faced Chipboard Price,Laminated Chipboard
Size:1220*2440mm(4'x8'), 1220*2745mm(4'x9'),  1525*2440mm(5'x8'), 1525*2745mm(5'x9'),  1830*2440mm(6'x8') , 1830*2745mm(6'x9') ,
Environmental Protection Standard:E0,E1.
Colors:Solid color,wood grain,woven design,stone grain,Metal grain,leather grain.
Melamine Grains:solid color (white,black,red,green,blue,orange etc) , wooden color (cheery, maple,ash, walnut, birch,pine etc), other special color (magic finish-rose color,shining spot finish, square finish-red etc)
The variety of surface treatment:1.matt surface treatment,
2.textured surface treatment,
3.glossy surface treatment,
4.embossed surface treatment,
5. to meet requirements of the customers.
Usage:Furniture,closet, wardrobe, cupboard, cabinet, office furniture, modern furniture, toilet partition, etc.
Standard export pallet package:6pc boards outside ,then fastened with 3'x6' sheet iron and packed with pallet.
20’GP----4pc pallets.
40’GP----8pc pallets.
40’HQ----9pc pallets.
2019 Guangzhou Canton Fair

Production Line

Shipping and packages

6pc boards outside ,then fastened with 3'x6' sheet iron and packed with pallet.
20’GP-----4pc pallets; 40’GP----8pc pallets; 40’HQ----9pc pallets.

Store Room before Shipping

Teehome Exhibition Room

Usage: Furniture,closet, wardrobe, cupboard, cabinet, office furniture, modern furniture, toilet partition, etc.


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