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TEEHOME Liu Chengheng guest CCTV

TEEHOME Liu Chengheng guest CCTV


Guangzhou Teenhome Board CO., LTD., is a company specialized in the production and business formaldehyde-low board, melamine veneer furniture and household supporting materials .

Guangzhou Teehome Board CO.,Ltd, is a Chinese famous brand Manufacturer with professional production of formaldehyde-free furniture panels, melamine decorative panels and home furniture support materials. The company was formally established in Guangzhou City on August 28,2002 as we are a professional manufacturer based on man-made board surface processing, melamine board and supporting material.

Currently, the company has 7 fully automated professional melamine board production line, 28 semi-automated production line ; 8 professional production profiles coated line; 1 PVC appressed production line ; 1 vacuum plate production line ; 1 heterogeneous type processing center ans the melamine decorative panel annual output of more than 70 million square meters. the products sell well in South China, East China,Centre China, North China ans Southwest China ans exported to Southeast Asia, and the United States and Europe.

Our Main products including artificial melamine formaldehyde-free finishes F0 ( OSB) panels, straw board, 5A plywood, high- density board, particle board and supporting materials of home furniture, we are the first green space materials manufacturer based on environmental protection in household industry, at present , Guangzhou Teehome Board Co., Ltd is one of the largest melamine board manufacturer in China.

Teehome Group Concept is "Lead, Health,Environmental Protection",as our purpose is "Integrity, Professional, Technical".

Through more than 17 years' efforts, Teehome had developed a superb set design, professional manufacture and perfect after-sales service as one of the modern enterprise. We try our best to build " green space material" superior quality of products, hundreds of varieties boards to meet the different needs of customers by the majority of users, especially the trust and favorable foreign-funded enterprises. Until 2019, Teehome group has owned five branches,which covers an area of more than Teehome Group has Six Subsidiaries which has 1.23 million Square Meters Production Base for Teehome Board Industry:

1.Guangzhou Teehome Decoration Materials CO., LTD., (30,000 square meters)
2.Guangzhou Teehome Board CO., LTD., (30,000 square meters)
3.Guangzhou Jizhixing Board Technology CO., LTD.20,000 square meters,
4.Foshan Teehome Home Decoration co., LTD(20,000 square meters.,
5.Guangzhou Haojia Home Space Decoration Materials CO., LTD.3,000 square meters, etc.    

6. Teehome (Jiangsu)  Decoration Materials CO., LTD.( 20,000 square meters )
We are invited to " CCTV influence dialogue column " and thus became CCTV power to promote products as well as " Chinese Top Ten Brands" and many other honors.

In the future,Teehome group will drive the growth of plank industry technology innovation, contribute to the country's energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to realize thousands of ordinary people can have a green, health, environmental protection of the environment that occupy the home.



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