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What about the scale of the Teehome Board factory?
Guangzhou Teehome Board CO.,Ltd. is a small- and mid-scale enterprise focusing on designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling 12mm melamine plywood . As time goes by, we have been endeavoring to expand the scale in employees and business range. Up to now, we have hired professional and highly-educated employees working in our several departments. They contribute a lot to the high-efficiency and creative work, including developing new products for the company and serving customers with full devotion. In addition, we have successfully expanded the business range and spread brand awareness to more countries.

Teehome Board is a technologically advanced factory in the melamine faced chipboard field. Teehome Board's melamine board is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Teehome grey chipboard is made of high quality semiconductor materials. They are supplied by our reliable partners who have signed contracts with us for years, ensuring the high luminous efficiency When used as a furniture material, it guarantees that the furniture is secure and seamless. This product is not easily pilling or damaged by severe wear. Its textile fibers are treated with an antistatic agent to reduce static electricity and reduce wear between the fibers. The product does not contain too much glue, which is environmentally friendly.

Teehome will strive to become a professional melamine board company establishing industry benchmarks. Ask!
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