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Which melamine mdf board factory can provide OBM?
OBM is a company that not only designs and produces its own products but also takes care of building a brand. Company doing OBM will be responsible for not only in the R&D, design, production, delivery but also in the marketing of products. Nowadays, in the ever-increasingly competitive market, more and more Chinese white mdf board manufactures prefer to run their own brands to add more value instead of selling products under customers’ brand names. Guangzhou Teehome Board CO.,Ltd. is one of them and has specialized in this field for many years. We are your trustworthy OBM partners.

Teehome as a marine plywood price brand, it enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. Teehome Board's baltic birch plywood is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. In the design of Teehome grey chipboard, a professional market survey is carried out based on the LED lighting market trend. As a result, the design is innovative and user-friendly. The surface of the product can be processed into a matte, glossy, embossed, or textured one. Its fabric shrinkage is very low. After the fabric is steamed or atomized, it is mechanically extruded and dried to reduce the shrinkage rate to less than 1%. The product features outstanding structural stability.

For the purpose of white melamine board and the goal of white melamine board, Teehome comprehensively deepens the development. Inquire online!
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